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Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Brightening Hydrating Cream - Brightens discolorations, firms, and deeply hydrates to restore youthfully smooth, soft, 'plumped' hands.

Hands are exposed to daily stress from frequent cleansing, UV rays, wind and pollution. This constant assault results in thin, rough skin texture, extreme dehydration, lack of youthful plumpness, dullness and aging hyper-pigmentation. This remarkable hand treatment helps reverse the aging process and take years off your most expressive feature! Your hands will be smooth, soft and ‘plumped’ with a fresh, radiant clarity.

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57 g / 2 oz.

• Advanced Bio-Identical Plant Placental Extract helps stimulate cellular renewal while accelerating the benefits of all anti-aging ingredients.
• A potent peptide improves elasticity and firmness, hydrates, protects and smoothes skin by mimicking the function of natural DHEA activity.
• Biopeptide EL helps enhance cellular communication that has been shown to repair age related skin damage. It is clinically proven to increase firmness by up to 38%.
•All natural Licorice and Mulberry Extracts help lighten and brighten skin gently without harsh chemicals.
• Intensely hydrating and softening Shea Butter restores lost moisture and protects against environmental and chemical stress

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment