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Texal Face Mask

‘Non-Surgical’ Face Lift - This ten-minute 'wonder' gives an instant lifted look as it smoothes, softens, and nourishes with natural seawater plant extracts.

The anti-aging benefits of this at-home ‘professional’ treatment are unparalleled and that’s why celebrities can’t ‘go on’ without it. This ‘wonder’ mask contains only the most potent, essential ingredients at the highest active level possible without a prescription. In the first minute of your treatment you’ll feel the incredible firming action as natural Bio-Identical Plant Placental Extract and seawater plant extracts infuse your skin cells with nourishment and hydration. You’ll look rested, ‘lifted’ and your skin will be smoother and softer with less visible lines and wrinkles.

1 Mask for 3 Treatments $45.00

• Natural collagen and elastin help replenish skin’s damaged cellular structure for instant firmness and youthful tone.
• A must-have for a quick lift and radiance ‘pick-up’ for those special events
• Clinical testing demonstrated up to 169% increase in skin hydration with noticeable lifting effects.
• Natural cotton blend mask dries quickly after use for multiple applications.
• All skin types benefit.

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Texal Face Mask